CMS not loading on custom Modal

Hi guys,

Hopefully there is a simple solution for my question. I wasn’t able to find it on the forums.
My problem is the following:

I have a custom slider (using cycle2.js) and every slide has a play button that activates a modal.
I use modulobox.js for my lightbox. The modal is overlaying everything and works nicely. The videos are pulled out of my CMS collection.
Up untill now everything works.

If I publish my site with the modal on display: block (visible), the content is perfectly synced with the slider position.
Meaning, if i go to page 2, all the info and the corresponding video is loaded as intended.
Somehow, if i put the modal on display: none, it doesn’t seem to connect to the CMS locations.
It does popup, it does show a video, but only from project one. So all the slides show project 1.

Does this mean the CMS is disconnect or not loaded properly into the DOM?

Here’s the public link

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