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Is client able to edit contents in the Editor that appear in a Popup?


Unfortunately can’t share the link, but here’s the case;
My client has Content Editor access. In the site I created some popups (activated with display none/display block using interactions) - but the Editor won’t let her change the contents of those popups, they just don’t appear in the Editor (only on the live site).

Anyone else with this issue, or a possible fix?

Hi @rowan

Could the pop-ups be populated with text from the CMS?

So the client would just edit the text field in a collection item relating to that pop-up?


Hey @StuM - yes was thinking of that as well. But I was hoping of a more easy workaround. :wink: if the javascripts from the interactions are not able to work for opening/closing popups in the editor, might have still to go this route.


On 26 mins Nelson creates a pop-up modal (CMS driven) - and uses toggles. I guess it depends how much/what type of editing the client needs to do - small tweaks regularly or toggling the content on/off month to month, or re-using similar text that could be saved as an item for quick changes.


Hi Rowan, I think a simpler way than creating a CMS collection / item for the content would be to create a separate page with symbols on it for the text in each pop-up modal. Give each symbol a heading so the client knows which popup text they are editing. You could hide the new page from search engines using robots.txt.

The client could navigate to this page using the “Pages” tab in the editor toolbar.

Also, I saw your livestream on Tuesday. The best yet! Great work, great advice and great singing! Twas inspiring