Overflow on mobile

How do I find out which element is overflowing in my layout in order to turn it off in mobile. Can someone take a look at my home page and see? Any help is appreciated.


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Hello @Joseph_Gonzalez,

On mobile portrait you have to put overflow hidden on your “3sections” div block
That will fix the side scrolling. I hope this helps.

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That worked perfectly! I had that issue on other pages and it that seemed to fix it across the whole site! Thank you so much. How did you determine that was the element? I want to know what to look out for next time.

Hello @Joseph_Gonzalez, I’m glad I was able to help you. The way I found the problem is by looking for any elements ,that had margins on the sides, from the top down. It is not as tedious as it sounds, goin section by section it went by fast.

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You have no idea I stumbled upon this thread and it saved me my job not gonna lie. Thanks a ton. I was keeping the body overflow hidden but didnt realise it was the main div block that was causing the issue.


What happens if you need to have overflow turned visible for the site-body (say if you want to position something sticky to it)?