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Mobile version is scrolling horizontally


Please take a look at my site called ‘Bloomh MVP’…and the page “Need Thank You”

All other views of this page are fine except the portrait mobile version. It seems to have extra space and is scrolling horizontally. I think it might have something to do with the class “navmenu open” but I"m not sure. The funny thing is this same navbar is okay in all the other 20 some pages.

Thank you in advance

Hi @bpark73, thanks for the question :slight_smile: From what I can tell, you have some overflow on the social container tell friends element. Set that to overflow hidden, see screenshot :smile:

I hope that helps, cheers :slight_smile:

Dave thanks. That did the trick.

However how did you find that out? I would like to know for my own future reference. I’ve tried using x-ray mode and been racking my brain.


Hi @bpark73, yes, so how I checked that, is basically by checking first each major section, and first setting the overflow property to hidden, check the scroll, if not fixed, then change back to overflow hidden. When I get to the section where there is some overflow, i.e. setting overflow to hidden fixes the issue, then I go one level down in that section and start with first element and repeat the process of setting the overflow to fixed or hidden. This is just a quick way for me to zero in on the affected element.

Now, sometimes, the overflow issue is very visible, and it is easy to spot, and sometimes, you just have to go through your elements if it is not so visible, and set that overflow property to hidden, and check each element, until you find the one causing the issue. In other words, process of elimination is a big part of it, and once you see that kind of issue, you get a pretty good idea when you see it again the next time, and you start to watch that you do not create the situation in the future, by keeping those things in mind at design time… :smile:

I hope that helps :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave