Overflow Issues on phone

Hi everyone! I’m making this post because I need some help figuring something out with my website, having to do with the overflow function.

Page: About
Section: About Vision

Everything seems to look fine on every other breakpoint except for on my iPhone, where the whole section flows off the screen.

Can’t figure it out! Hoping someone has some solutions. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I cannot for the life of me find the culprit, but I am 99% sure the problem is that some element here is set to a fixed width OR text set to not wrap which is causing everything to become wider.

hi @chrisp if you are talking about revealing a dark area on the right side of the mobile viewport it is caused by your padding of your Navbar. Revisiting this section will fix this specific issue on this page.

NOTE: There are other issues that should be revisited.

I FIGURED IT OUT! Yes, all I needed to do was set a couple of the text boxes to wrap “Anywhere” instead of “Normal” and the text went where it needed to go and stayed on the page! The overflow issue has been fixed.

I am so grateful, lol! I was about to give up and rebuild the whole section.

Thank you everyone who responded!

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