Issues with VERY stubborn overflow


I know this is a common issue a lot of people need help with. I’ve read and done most solutions but I have a particularly stubborn overflow issue but only on certain breakpoints.

I see I only have horizontal overflow elements on the DESKTOP breakpoint (992px - 1919px) the larger breakpoints (1920 & up, tablet, mobile, etc are all fine).

My issue here is this. I’ve truly set all design elements to 100% or 100vw and clicked overflow to hidden. I even tried testing some Javascript with CTRL SHIFT + J and have tried to run javascript to find overflowing elements but I’m still coming up with nothing.

To have such a slick website that has an issue like this is extremely frustrating. I’m at such a loss, can someone specifically point out what element is the issue?

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Are You talking about this sentence (“DESIGN FOCUSED ON BUILDING”) that goes and disapear on the right side while You scrolling? if NOT, Can you record A video that shows the issue?

Hi, the issue isn’t the text you’re referring to, that’s actually an animation and it’s set within a section and container, I don’t personally feel that’s the overflow issue.

There’s a horizontal scroll bar on all pages implying an overflow somewhere structurally. Thank you for taking a look, I sincerely appreciate it!

In this case, it’s actually easier to attach a photo but this is what I am referring to in the image. At the bottom of the page there’s a scroll bar that I highlighted with a screenshot marker.

Hi Alex

welcome to the OverFlow club :-). When it happened to me, I worked on the elimination method - I just set hidden for certain elements and then checking if the problem disappeared. Hope this helps you

Hi again,

Truthfully it’s not particularly helpful because I spent quite a few hours doing this method and leads me to believe it could be multiple issues… I do appreciate you taking a look however and I understand finding the solution is rather frustrating

That said do you or anyone else for that matter know if there’s additional CSS I can include to help with this or even an integration of somesort?

Hi @privatepiggie,

Set the footer’s width to 100% instead of 100vw and republish - should fix the issue.

Let me know how you go!


SIR! YOU DID IT! I AM SHOCKED truly, I had given up all hope. I can’t say I’m surprised something so simple was causing it but I really lost all hope when the Javascript couldn’t find the issue. I WILL FORGE A GOLD STATUE OF YOU IN YOUR HONOR! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

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