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Need help with overflow in tablet view and lower in my design

I’ve had an issue with the mobile responsiveness of my site where on the home page and about me page is shows only half and not the full site on mobile and portrait mode as well. I cant figure out what the issue would be, if you can help me I would appreciate it a lot :slight_smile:
Thank you

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Everything looks fine to me, did you sort it out?

No I just checked again and it still does that, but it only does it on home page and about me page which is weird.

Can you take a screenshot/s of the issue? I don’t understand what you mean by half of the full site. Everything seems to scale as normal.

it looks like this on my phone

Hi @ctkruger, I seemed to have found some issue with overflow, could you check that, if it helps?

Yes Thats perfect It fixed the home page thanks so much, it also does the same for about us page but oddly, it doesn’t show fully but when you scroll down to the bottom it fixes it. I removed all the padding and margins but it still does that, any suggestions?

Hi @ctkruger, thanks for getting back to me. This is usually caused by an element used in an interaction, where it’s initial appearance has the element moved to the left or right out of the body. When the interaction runs, the element moves back into the body, and the overflow is removed on page load/scroll.

Take a peek at the Hero parag:

I would suggest to add a display none on the initial appearance, and add a display block step on the interaction that moves and displays the element. I hope this helps, let me know if you have a question on that.

Perfect, That helped a lot Thank you!

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