Overall speed / animation smoothness depending on time of day?

Hi guys,

A general question regarding something I have noticed. I’m in the process of building my first Webflow site, of which has several animations scattered throughout the homepage. Upon publishing (free plan - yet to connect custom domain) it can feel really smooth.

Other times, however - and almost evening & night time exclusively the page becomes buggy and just generally jerky. Animations as simple as elements sliding in come in at a noticeably slow frame rate for example.

Is this just part and parcel of using Webflow as a hosting service - certain times of the day the overall speed just gets choked ?

Apologies for any naivety as I don’t come from a developer background !

Any advice much appreciated.

FWIW I’m based in the UK

In all likelihood it’s your connection to the web that is introducing latency. The pipes to Webflow’s infrastructure partners are huge.

Like @webdev mentioned, any slow loading issue are likely to do with congestion further downstream — possibly due to higher usages at night in your area leading to decreased speeds.

That said, if you’re noticing issues with animations specifically on the site then it’s less likely this is because of your internet speed. I guess it’s possible that if the animations are triggering while the page is still loading content/elements then it could cause some hiccups in your animations, but I feel like that would be most noticeable on those animations that play immediately after page load rather than something like an on scroll animation.