Performance Issue (Lags) when hosted on Netlify

Hello Webflowers!

I’m having an issue with my site.
To give an overview - I build my sites in webflow and host them on Netlify.
But when I’m hosting one of them on Netlify - The site’s performance suddenly decreases.
By this, I mean that the animations, interactions - all start to lag and stutter. It is even more noticeable on mobile devices.

But when viewed on the webflow subdomain - the interactions remain smooth.

I’ve recorded a video showing exactly what the difference between both sites is like. I know that the site on Netlify is a little more heavy but not by much, still after loading the whole page that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Here is the video showing the problem - Website Stuttering Problem | Webflow vs Netlify - YouTube

Here are the links to both the sites -
Webflow -
Netlify hosted -

Am I doing anything wrong?


Have you tried the website locally on your computer in the browser? Just as a way to eliminate that the codebase itself is the problem.

Ah, yeah well the netlify version seems to be running quite fine over here on mobile after visiting the site a couple of times. My guess would be something about the 3D models that I guess are loaded on the mobile version even though they’re not in use?

Yeah that might be the reason, since it loads about 40-50Mib of data.
I’ve just been able to hide the models and not stop them from loading… Any advice on how I could do that?

Also, the site loads fine on mobile for you? For example in my video - The hero image slide in is jittery and also the “bold on scroll marquee type Text” is not as smooth when scrolling down. Didn’t you face anything like that on your side?

Hey Robin! I had in mind what you said about testing it locally on my machine. So I decided to test that again and to my surprise, it’s NOT smooth! It is even laggy and jittery on the desktop…
So it’s definitely not a CDN or network issue, right?

What could be causing this?

Yeah, that sounds really weird. I’m not actually sure what could be causing it since the exported code should be the same as the one hosted on Webflow’s hosting. Have you tried cleaning up any unused CSS & interactions etc.?

Yeah everything’s cleaned up, but no luck :frowning: