Outsourcing javascript coding

Hey, do u guys got some experience in outsourcing javascript coding?
I wonder if I even should learn JS, when I can outsource it. As i’m thinking of it I see that’s a good practice, but maybe i can’t catch some cons.

If someone did it, what’s the average price u pay for it? I know it’s like asking how long is a stick, but if u could share ur experience it would be great.

hi @MCL_Kioto there are no cons to learn JS at least basics for web developers as it is necessary knowledge if you want be a front-end developer. Out there are great resources in written and video form and are for free.

You can look for courses for example from Brad Traversy, Wes Bos, Academind etc. you can find nice JS courses beginner and/or advance on paid platforms as Udemy where full course is approx. just EUR 12 .

If you wanna to go under neath and willing to pay way more for subscription you can look to Frontend Masters, Pluralsight, Zero to Mastery etc… There is sources as many as you want and all you need is time to sit front of the comp and coding 6 days a week. :skull: :shushing_face: :metal:

EDIT: If you want to hire a developer price will change on skills needed on type of project and it will be hard to say how much you will pay and how long it takes it can be from EUR 100 for simple script to xxx.xxx for complex project.

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