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How much Javascript do I need to know as a designer who use Webflow?

Hi guys,

I’ve been used Webflow since last year and I love it. But also as many of you know, there’re many cases when you have to use some javascript to make something works because of Webflow’s limitation for now.

I definitely need to learn Javascript in order to make the most out of Webflow without copy other people’s script and not understand it.

So the question is how much Javascript do I need to learn in order to take advantage of using Webflow? Obviously, I don’t want to invest too much time in it for now since I’m more focused on the design part.

Let me know what you think,

Thanks guys!

If you learn jquery then javascript will be easy for you

You can do surprisingly much with just a good understaning of the basics, which you should be able to pick up through any of the basic courses available (codecademy for example). After that it’s fairly easy to get into jQuery, which simplify a few things, especially when working in Webflow.

So that would probably be a good start at least :slight_smile: