Output name of image from CMS

hæ there—

is there a way of outputting the name of image, automatically from the CMS, on the page—I do not mean as an alt tag, but as a separate text block ?

does anyone have a suggestion for this ?

Did you get an answer to this question already?

hæ — not one I have seen.

I don’t believe you can do this using the CMS. But you can do this by adding the name as a “Class”. Also, try this:

  1. Use a CSV or Excel spreadsheet
  2. Add the images into a column
  3. Then designate the column header to say “filename”
  4. Re-import that into the CMS - and see if it displays with the filename

I’m not certain because Webflow is storing these assets on their server (that’s where you’re seeing the name from)

Hopefully Webflow will fix this when they have a multi-image field for CMS driven galleries and allow exposing the filename in text components, not only the alt tag— I hope.

Yep I hear ya. That’s the most impressive quality about Webflow, they’re always looking to improve. I played professional basketball for a long time and the organizations that won a lot were constantly evolving and building for better performance. As of now, I see that same quality in WF. I hope they don’t get complacent, but keep enhancing the user experience for developers.

I’m looking to the future of this entire application!!

If file upload support is coming to CMS, then maybe this will get exposed. In the form file upload, the filename is visible in the form and the file link is served up to the form submission as well. Perhaps implementing this into the CMS will expose file name and file url to collections.

Feel free to submit your exact feature request to the wishlist and then post the link back here in the forum for people to find.