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Out Of Stock Flow

Does Webflow have the ability to add a feature/form that would allow my customers to get notified when a product is back in stock?


Hey @Jade_Kilshaw
Looking for the same solution. Have you find something yet?

Unfortunately not. The platform itself lacks a lot of e-commerce functionality like printing invoices for orders (I thought this was a basic function, apparently not). I wish I knew the platforms true capabilities prior.

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On my side printing invoice is not my main priority and I am pretty sure you can do it with an integration. Webflow is amazing for users experience but as you said very lacking in term of e-commerce functionality. In my opinion, and as a new brand on the market, It’s difficult to grow a sustainable business with Webflow ecommerce. We can’t maximise sales opportunity by increasing UPT in basket steps, also very annoying that we can’t customise and breakdown checkout process in different steps and much more… hopefully 2022 will come with new feature!