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Order Dynamic List by Time (Independent of Date)?

Hey all,

Do you know if you can order a dynamic list by Time (through the Date/Time picker) independent of the date? I’m hoping to create a daily schedule of events that automatically orders itself as items are added.

The time-picker is valuable because it understands that 12:00 comes before 1:00. (Alphabetically it goes 1:00, 12:00, 2:00 – so that’s out of the question!)

I understand that you could just order the times’ corresponding dates in the right sequence to “cheat” it, but that’s not very intuitive for a client. Especially when they add items months down the road. It’d be nice if it doesn’t matter what date you select… just the times.

I also understand you could use military time. But that’s also not a good experience for the “layman.”

Any ideas?