Sort Collection List by Time

Hi All - Have a weekly fitness timetable to add to a website, which is being built in a collection. I would prefer to display the timetable information by day, then time, then fitness class eg. Wednesday 10.30am [CLASS NAME]. The user then selects the class they prefer and are directed to a page with the appropriate class information.

I can’t sort by time, as the am/pm isn’t recognised, 24hr time is not an option - and I can’t use a date/time picker as the timetable is weekly (If I used the date/time picker result would be entering 60 classes per week x 4 weeks x 3 months = 720 Collection entries per each quarterly timetable). To further complicate things some classes are held more than once each day eg. 10.30am, 5.00pm.

Looking for a solution, any ideas?