Optional CMS Items?

Hello Everyone, I’m struggling to implement something and wanted to see if anyone has already solved this…

Within my blog content, I want to sometimes include a download section, and sometimes include an embed (in this case, an interactive calculator we built in Outgrow to support one of our blog posts.)

The trouble is, these aren’t applicable to each and every blog post. We only rarely build custom tools to support a blog post, meaning most posts won’t need that embed to be visible. Similarly, some of our blog posts don’t have any downloadable resources that would necessitate a download CTA.

Ideally, I would have a field in the CMS collection for both of these, and if I leave it blank, that part of the layout wouldn’t be visible for that particular post.

Alternatively, if there is a way to edit the template for certain CMS items separate from the others without creating an additional CMS collection, that would also work.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Read-only link here.

You can set visibility conditions for this in the designer, under settings :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I had completely missed that.