Opt In Button & Send Notifications via Website

Hello! I couldn’t find any similar posts so hopefully someone can help me out with this!

My goal is to create a button where users who are signed up to the site can chose to receive notifications for a specific product collection.
for example my “inventory” page contains all of my products. at the top of the page there is a follow button. I would like for the user to click that button and if they are signed up, then they will “follow” that collection. Users following said collections should receive notifications when I update the “inventory” with new items. I don’t want these to be push notifications where the user receives a Realtime alert outside of the site. I would like the user to see the notification whenever they happen to return.

To sum it all up,

1. how can I create a button that automatically opts a user into notifications
(if signed in otherwise redirect to log in)?
-I was thinking maybe this button tells me who clicked it and sets a value relative to the collection, then use that value to identify for which product collection they would like to be notified.

2. how can I deliver (non real-time) notifications to a specific user through my website?
-i would like these to not show up outside of my webpage, the user can only view the notifications upon return the site.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow - Emori Mode]

Hi @emoricare :wave: welcome to the forum.

Have you looked out this yet? CMS Item Favoriting for Webflow | Jetboost

Thank you, Chris! I have been looking into Jet boost as plan B however I would prefer to do this natively.

Hey Chase, yes this can be built but it requires a fair bit of custom setup. Are you using Webflow Memberships as your login platform, or Memberstack?

Or are you just trying to remember by-PC?

I don’t think you could do all of this natively with Webflow. It could be possible, but it’s a heavy lift with a lot of custom code.

The native solution here is Webflow Memberships, but it doesn’t (yet) do what you’ve described.

Unless that click goes to a gated collection it won’t redirect to login. It’s not aware of login state at that level.

Also, memberships are gated at the collection level not the collection item level so you’d have to jump through some hoops like using lookup tables (as only one example) to make that work.

What you could do is bolt on Memberstack to gate content, then create a unique dashboard for each user, and/or personalize it for each user.

That wouldn’t be very challenging, natively if those notifications were displayed on a cms collection page. That’s tied to an individual cms item which you could associate to a user (via the lookup tables example above).

Still not super straight forward.

If you continued with the Memberstack approach you could easily user their front end api to handle all of this for you. That’s associated to a specific user and can be displayed on any page.

Not the answers you were looking for, but more options to consider!

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Hey there, I am currently using webflow memberships as my platform. and I was hoping to remember by user, so they would need to sign in to view notifications.

Awesome, this is very helpful, thank you Chris!

Your best option is to wait for Webflow memberships to add some form of UserID access. The team is aware of the need, but no word on when or how that might become available.

Option B is to use Memberstack until that feature becomes available.

Option C is to strap jet engines to your VW bug because you want a flying car now. But, it probably won’t be elegant, or steer well. Also, it may explode.