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New Webflow Site: GeekWrapped A free, curated collection of science gifts. 50% donated to charity

Hi everybody,

Love the community here and wanted to share our new site:

It’s a collection of cool, unique, and unbelievable science and gifts. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!



Pretty clear. Good job.

Only thing I don’t like (my personal opinion) is very long page with items, it feels like it is infinite :blush: so after 3-5 screens scroll I lost interest to the items. I would like to see at least somehow structured content so it would let me easier to find what I like.

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Hi, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: Would you have a preference on how content is structured? Do you mean a search, or content categories, or something completely different?


Hi again, :smiley:

I mean at least, structure by categories. Personally for me (if I am a costumer), it’s would be more clear to see what kind of stuff do you have there. And even if I would looking for something particular, it’s would be easier to find.

One more moment, lately I heard not once from my customers,that they are get tired from infinite web pages :pensive: It doesn’t mean all of them react like this, just saying.


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Thanks Anna, that’s very helpful. Appreciate it :smile:

I’d love to hear your opinion on what categories would be helpful to you.

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Owww… welll, just like example:

-chemical stuff,
-electronic stuff,
-play with your food (supply for kitchen and cooking),


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I’m loving this site! I just want to buy everything on it haha. Is it supposed to be connected to an AmazonSmile account? Because I don’t see anything pop-up when I go to buy the gift from it.

I definitely agree with @sabanna on adding a filter or some kind of search ability, but it’s fun to see all of the cool options as I’m scrolling down. :smile: Nice work!

Waldo :slight_smile:


Hi Waldo,

thanks for your nice feedback, it’s great to hear that you like the site! We link all products through affiliate links and then donate these to national science charities. You can find out more here

Our goal is to get more people excited about science :smile:
Because you like the site it would mean a lot if you’d share it with your friends, thank you.

Have a great day

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