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Opening links outside an iFrame by adding a Custom Attribute in Webflow


I’ve created a few custom pages on Webflow and then embedded those within an iFrame on my website. Those pages contain links which we need them to open in the parent page rather than in the iFrame.

Searching the internet I realised that I need to add ’ target="_parent" ’ next to each link within the HTML text. This means, saving the file, editing it as text and then manually inserting this.

Is there any way I can add this directly through Webflow rather than manually adding next to each link? Please note we don’t need it to open in a new tab but rather in the parent page.

Link to our site:
All content bellow the main menu was created through Webflow and its embedded in an iFrame. These are the links that we would like to open in the parent page rather in the iFrame.

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Hi, yes you can, right in Webflow, using custom attributes. I wanted to test it to be sure so I wrote it here:

Basically, select your link, go to the Settings tab and add a custom attribute like this:

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