Link to use an already open tab.... possible?

Is it possible to link to an already open window in the browser? I am looking to open a popup window and then a link in that popup open up a page in the same window the popup was triggered from.

Thank you.

This sounds like standard HTML link targeting.

In your case, you would probably need target="_parent" or target="_top" on your <a> link.

The Webflow designer only allows “Open in new tab” targeting which is equivalent to target="_blank".


So the easiest way is to use an HTML Embed and construct your link directly, e.g.;


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Thank you for reading and for your suggestion. It still opens in a new tab. :frowning: Is there code I need to insert to override?

For some reason, the target='_parent' etc constructions aren’t working for me either, and that could be due to Chrome changes ( where I’m testing ) or possibly AdBlock interference. In the early days of the web it was trivial to documents, give them names, and build a UI where the windows all referenced and interacted with each other.

I was able to get the window → popup → load-in-parent effect working via some JS.

Here’s an example.

Just want to point out, that whatever you do here, you’ll want to design in good failback scenarios. After popupmageddon 200x, browsers became far more strict on when and how popups can be opened. They basically ignored some aspects of the HTML spec, in favor of a better UX. On top of that, addons like AdBlock add their own heavy restrictions.

Even if you get it working, it won’t work for everyone, and mobile devices are 100% unfriendly to popups.