Opengraph image for the homepage won't change, but interior pages will?

Hey all!

I’m having trouble with my open graph image for my website. When I share the homepage it doesn’t load my open graph image, but instead uses the favicon. For sharing interior pages things work perfectly, and I can change my open graph image at will.

If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be VERY appreciated!!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Rubisco

Open graph images are platform-specific. FB has different rules than LinkedIn, or Twitter, etc.
Where are you trying to share it?

I’m currently trying to share it through facebook messenger, the last of the bug fixes before it gets pushed live

Mmm can’t say.
Here’s what you’re getting for FB;


Messenger seems to be a bit pickier and is generating a different view.
If you really care about that, you should compare your homepage opengraph image to your others that work the way you want, specifically-

  • Image dimensions
  • image aspect ratio
  • image format, e.g. JPEG v. WEBP
  • Image file size

Some platforms like linked in ( doesn’t like WEBP ) and Twitter ( wants 2x1 aspect ) are very picky. I’ve not seen any spec on what Messenger looks for.