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Opened cart stuck in nav/header symbol

Hi there,

I’m experiencing a bit of a bug. On some pages on my site, the opened cart works just fine, but on others (namely, ‘Product Page Template’ and ‘Contact’) it gets stuck within the ‘Header’/nav bar symbol.

This is very confusing as I am using the same symbol throughout, but it seems to work fine on some pages and not on others!

Any help / advice much appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only:

I’m having the same issue as well. Having “Interactions” is causing this issue of the cart not opening up properly.

I’m having the same issue. Only after an interaction has occurred… so annoying. Any one have any fixes? @vincent?

I don’t reproduce this, how can I witness the bug?

You can see it here:

But not when there’s no interactions applied here:

No I meant on OP’s project for which I have a read only link. @smef can you help me reproduce this?