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Open Vid extension breaking input fields

Anyone else getting this visual bug within the designer view??
Numbers and letters for the input fields are positioned lower than they are supposed to be.
Running latest version of Chrome on Win10 machine.

it seems some of the input fields for my forms are also acting weirdly

Chrome on Win 10 here. Everything is normal.

Do note that the dev version of Chrome is not supported.

Hi @samliew

Can u do me a quick favour.
Visit the link here:

What do u see on your screen in terms of the layout of the form fields?
Does it look like the above screenshot i took?

Looks great on Chrome and Safari on 10.11.5. :+1:

Chrome on Win 10

You should try again in incognito mode, with all plugins disabled.

thanks @samliew and @McGuire!

Yes it was related to an extension. OpenVid.
Funny how this extension was causing both the designer visual bug and input fields bug.

Anyway all good now.
Thanks again for helping out!

Hi @Amreet_Gill, @samliew and @McGuire.

The support team is investigating and also monitoring the issue. More info to follow when there is an update. There could be an issue with more than just OpenVid extension, but glad to hear it is working for @Amreet_Gill now.

For what it’s worth – I was seeing both the webflow UI text glitch (all text in inputs appear few pixels lower) and text inputs in published sites using non-webflow styling. Removing the openvid extension in Chrome fixed both issues for me.

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openvid team are aware of the issue and have released a fix today, so i have been told.


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