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Hey guys,

I recently discovered the lightbox doesn’t work with CMS so I’m looking for a new way in which to implement something similar.

I want users to be able to click on one of the images in a project and it open full screen. Possibly in a new window, whichever is more user friendly.

It’s a real shame the lightbox won’t let me do this.

Any ideas/help is much appreciated.

Hey @Macker,

with a little workaround the lightbox will work with cms. Take a look at this project, there I have implemented it.

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That’s perfect, though I am fairly stumped when it comes to working out how to implement that on my site!

I’ve copied and pasted your code into mine, and added the relevant image field (I think?) but still nothing. Do I have to input anything before </body> tag also?

I also deleted the part of the script that brings up the + overlay; will this have broken it?

I´m glad that I could help you.

You also have to implement one hidden lightbox, so that the webflow script for the lightbox will implemented. Take a look at my site and look for this element here:


Thank you for the help, I think I’ve got it working (if you’d like to have a look?). For some reason, mine doesn’t look like yours and I’ve no idea why.

Also, even though all the images load correctly in the lightbox; it always opens the lightbox on image 1 regardless of whether you click on any other image. I think I must have done something wrong.

Thanks in advance.