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Open Graph image doesn't scrape automatically

Hey there. For all the sites I’ve built I have always had this Open Graph error.

First of all here it shows this

even though I always fill all the fields

So in reality it never works whenever I publish the site for the first time and I have to maunually double click “Scrape again” in FB debugger. Definitely not something nice to do for large sites, especially for dynamic content.

Also would be nice to have possibility to set OG Image URL from a Link field in collection, not only Image field.


Hi @radmitry, it is true that Webflow does not yet have a feature to automatically ask Facebook to scrape a url on publish. That would be a good one for the Wishlist.

I found some related info on that:

The OG image url can be sent to an image field in the collection on dynamic template pages, but not on static pages yet.

I hope this helps, if not, let me know and I am happy to assist further.


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Hey Dave…hmmm how to do that?
Here is my dynamic page template and the only option is to select one of the Image fields from collection but not the Link fields

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