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Open Graph images in a Collection template page can no longer be image outside the collection post?

Before I could set the open graph image in a collection template page to e.g. an URL from the Assets library. Now I can only choose an image from within the collection fields in a specific collection. That’s bad!

There are situations where a collection do not normally have images, in for example a collection with job vacancies. In those situations it would be nice if I could set a default image for the collection, e.g. company branding or similar.


I just checked and noticed the change too. And I’m like you, I want to respect the Open Graph image recommended format, and not waste a CMS field + have to create a specific image, just for nodes to have an OG illustration. I regularly default nodes OG image to the homepage, standard, site-wide OG image.

You can still use custom code to add whatever static OG image taken from your Library or outside. Use this code in the Head section.

<meta property="og:image" content="" />

You should go to the wishlist and add an idea to bring the support for static image back. I’ll vote for it.

If I republish the sites I’ve been using a static image for CMS nodes (all of my CMS sites I think) then I’m losing the OG image for all my nodes. That’s some change…

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Thanks for the feedback @vincent @Christoffer

I agree that having a static option to for OG images on collection pages makes sense. I’ve filed an internal enhancement request with the team. To help move the conversation along, feel free to create a Wishlist Item for this as well.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Any updates on this?

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