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One Page Scroll

I have been trying to get this one page scroll to work - One Page Scroll Animation

I tried a bunch of other tutorials as well but can not seem to make it happen. Essentially, I just want to have each section scroll into view and scroll out of view, when the user scrolls.

Any help is very much appreciated!

Here is my read link -

What exactly are you trying to do? Each section scroll into view when user scrolls?

Do you mean this:

The section appears as you scroll down, then disappears as you leave that section.

Yes exactly! Any suggestion of how to do that?

Sure there’s a couple of ways, but updates to IX2 makes this one real easy! I’ll do the section content, but you could do the entire section and have colors that change to add more effect. So add a slight pastel color to alternate on each section, to show it appear/disapper. Here’s a quick video:

Hi @garymichael1313. I’m really interested in your solution but I see the video is no longer available.
Hey @soulluciani, Where you able to get a workable solution? Please do you mind sharing it cos I’m still stuck with the codes for One Page Scroll Animation

Hi @MasterVibz,

I can try to find the video again… let me check… sorry about that… I think is the one.

Thanks a bunch @garymichael1313. I’ll take a look right away