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Remove section on scroll


Is there anyway to create an animation when the page loads, once the user scrolls it goes to the second section, but the user can not scroll back to the first.

Would anyone know how I can create an animation like this?


Hi @kwievu,

You could hide the first section with interaction after going past, to the second section.

Hello Gary!

Sorry i’m pretty new to animations on webflow, and I think i’m doing something wrong, do you maybe have an tutorial on this?

Oh no problem, it takes a while to get comfortable, but if you keep at it the process becomes easier. Unfortunately I don’t have a tutorial because your desired effect is unique. However, I highly recommend Webflow University.

They’re free, detailed and created for visual representation! It’s hard to understand animation without seeing it. Check them out here:

This is the best step to take, without question. Then if you have questions in the forum, at least there’s a foundation built in your mind.

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