One group of animations all have yellow triangles now

Hello, my first time on the forum. I have set up a number of animations in different sections and they were all working well but after bringing in a few new images on the home page and working on sizing and spacing with those images below the section with the animations. I don’t think I touched anything in that section, but now when I previewed the page, I was shocked when the page load animations didn’t fire. I checked the transitions section and one whole block now has yellow triangles? What would cause that and how do I fix it? Hoping I don’t have to recreate everything? I read another post that was talking about if you had duplicated a section. The only thing I had done similar was to attempt to copy a section from the success message on a form but that was on a different page and i was trying to paste that in another page (it didn’t work so I scrapped it). Could that have done it and if so how do I fix it? Thanks in advance for anyone’s help!

Hi Phil,

can yo share a read-only link to the project?

Hi, Here it is. I was all set to paste in the link and I realized after I posted it that I hadn’t and I wasn’t sure how to do it after it was posted. Thanks, Phil

Just now I realize what you mean by “yellow triangles” :rofl:
The UI Warnings…

When you hover over each ‘triangle’ a short warning description appears and explains what the problem is. Did you try follow that?