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Interactions Question, is their a way to let people inside of my editor to help me?

Here is the link to my project

I am simply trying to understand the hide/show interactions feature. I can click the Yellow Trigger Div and make my yellow div block appear, then I can click the green trigger and make make my green div block appear. I cannot however do the exact opposite, ie click green (it appears), then click yellow and I get nothing…

On top of that if I reclick the opposite trigger i cannot make the other colored div block appear, it is a one shot deal?

Here is my public share link:
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Hello @PhillipRousu

There are several ways to do this and it’ll depend on what you want to achieve here to decide what route you want to take.

You can do it with tabs, interactions, etc. If you can give us more information about the end use of it we can take a deeper look and suggest a solution.

Plus if you can share your read only link would be really helpful

Ahhh, I was wondering how to get the shared link with the editor… here it is

All I am trying to accomplish is to mimic a single-page-website but in a browser, I am first making sure I can do it and then the design will completely change for my website but the bones (interactions and fixed nav bar) will remain. Basically I am trying to make the interface very similar to Instagram if that makes sense?

Thanks for the help!

I am trying to stay away from the tabs thing since I want to understand it fully, and I am not sure that tabs in the mobile breakpoint can be lined up horizontally? It looks like they automatically stack in mobile?