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On-page linking: report automatically all H1 titles to the sidebar Menu (and link the two of them)

Hi there!

I came across Stripe’s blog, and there’s an interesting feature I want to implement. (See screenshot below)

As you can see, when I click on “Understanding reserve balance” (on the right sidebar), the body text goes straight to the section named “Understanding reserve balance” (like an anchor).

I want to implement that comfortable feature for my readership but I don’t know how to to it. Could you please help me with this?

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Website :
=> In my example here, I would like “First Title H1” to be “Fewer Tabs for More Focus”, and that to be automatically reported in the sidebar on the left.

@PiterDimitrov, I watched the loom demo you posted here but it doesn’t really answer this question… it would be awesome to have your guidance on this :raised_hands: :pray: