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Old https site isn't redirecting


Our old site has an SSL cert on it, and some of the articles, etc. that had previously driven traffic to use hard-linked the https link. Our old site no longer is at the www cname, as we have established that cname within Webflow now.

How do I ensure that a legacy link that uses https will still redirect users to the correct site? Right now it doesn’t work…

Hi @elanier -

Unfortunately Webflow doesn’t support HTTPS (SSL) hosting so your old SSL links will not work with our redirect features. The only alternative that I can think of is to keep your old hosting setup and configure a redirect rule with your old setup to point to your non-SSL pages on Webflow.

Thanks for the response - I’ve tried setting up that redirect rule on my server but I never get a response. just spins, but works.

Is there a chance the redirect doesn’t play nicely with your system?