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Odd CMS Image Sizes

Hello, Webflow friends!

My collection items render their images the correct, uniform size in the Designer, but look odd on the published site, Could someone please take a look?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @skellogg, I just had a look at the /foxy-category/books area on both the designer and working site and can’t tell a difference?

Could you attached a screenshot of what you see on the published site or describe what’s different?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thank you for looking at this! Images in every other row have this elongated appearance.

Hey @skellogg, I see what you mean - weirdly (for me) it only does this on Google Chrome, not on Firefox.

Bit hard to test a fix as I can’t publish in preview. This may not be correct however if all the images are the same size, I’d try removing one of the parameters (i.e. only have width OR height) so it still looks good to you. I’d then also set a minimum width/height (as you choose above).

I’d be mindful to edit this for tablet/mobile views so it’s still legible, but hopefully this helps - let me know!

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Foxy ended up helping me with this. I wasn’t understanding how classes worked in the HTML embed.