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O' crap.. Now I'm terrified!

Yesterday I got a call,
Owner - “Hey, we want the website you designed, can we meet next week to talk it over?”
Me - “SHIT!!”
“Owner” - Sorry, you said what?"
Me - “Sorry, I sneezed… Could you repeat that last part?”
Owner - “Oh, ok… We want your website, can we meet up and discuss it next week, we have some changes we’d like to adress”

The “Owner” was a contact I got from my mother in law. She had a colleague who was starting a business and needed a website. Not to be mean, I said “sure I can look into it…”.

I contacted “Owner” and he made sure he didn’t want Me to do his site, because I lacked the experience. I had only fiddled with doing my own drafts from the “business template” on webflow, trying to learn the ins and outs, but I through out that I “knew” a guy who could help make his site (spoiler: I didn’t). So he said what he needed it for and I said would pass it along to my imaginary friend… :woman_facepalming:

The Owner was heading on holiday for about two weeks and made no intent of reaching out again… One day after he got back from his holiday, I sent him a text with a link to a site based on what he wanted. I said that my friend wasn’t interested in helping and that I made it myself. If he didn’t reach back there would be no hard feelings.

I liked the challenge of creating something that wasn’t just out of my own interest, but he called, asking for a meeting and told me I would get paid for the site and future work…

Now what do I do!?

I don’t have the guts to bring my laptop and make the changes as we discuss them… Do you even bring your laptop!? What is even a site worth?! :open_mouth: and what is an hourly charge for “future work”, How do I host it?!

Right now I feel like stealing one of Elon Musk’s drills from the boring company and turning it straight down, digging the deepest hole in the ground and see how far I can get to earths core… rather than going to the meeting. :sweat_smile:

What did you get for your very first site in webflow?
And what would you charge?