Mobile display different from webflow preview

I´m trying to build a site and the desktop view seems to be ok both the editor and the published version. In the mobile portrait and landscape they look ok in webflow but in the published version they dont fill the full screen -
a blank area appears on the right side of the screen. How can I avoid this?

Just a hunch, it might be because of the google maps. Try deleting it and re-publish.

There is several paragraphs and text blocks which has negative margins compensated with positive paddings. I would suggest to make them all “0px”.

Plus, like @samliew said, google map. It has width=600px in settings (inside the code). You can make width=100% and give width to embed element itself. In this way it will be easier to control map width.

Thank you very much for the help sabanna and samliew!

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