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Not for profit pricing?

Hi, Any webflow employees that know this or anyone, could you please provide some insight.

I’m helping a few local companies that are struggling in this Covid-19 climate / times, and one of them is a Not for Profit / NGO …

Is there any special pricing for these ‘Angels’ who aren’t about the profit but about taking care of the communities?

Would probably be just 1 webflow account with 1 project and may take use of a UI kit template to get the ball rolling, CMS most likely.


I am also working with a non-profit and I am surprised that the folks at Webflow did not even bother to address this person’s question. My clients are non-profit and also hurting from Covid-19. Does Webflow give a discount to non-profits?


Hi Wendy, I emailed them and they had someone get back to me promptly. This Forum may not be the speediest return form of comm’s - but they were great to get back to me to explore my options. #goodLuck

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They must have some discount for non for Profit / NGO. You need to contact them via their email address.