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Non Profit websites in Webflow

Hi, wondering if anyone has any examples of non-profit sites built in WebFlow?

Key functionality being very content heavy with constant updates and new pages like: event pages, new campaign pages, donation pages with numerous options (monthly, one off, specific campaign etc), education pages, live pages tracking a specific event etc.

Or is this only really possible after ecommerce is released?



Right now with the current Webflow functionality you can still make this work, you’ll simply just need to use a 3rd party tool/software for the ecommerce.

Using @foxy or any 3rd party ecommerce integration, you can integrate this functionality with Webflow, then you can easily accept donations with multiple options. If you need any more information on, reach out to Josh. ------> @foxy

With Webflow you can design/build all of the content types you’re suggesting and implement Webflow CMS for dynamic content (Content Management System).

With Google Analytics/HotJar/etc you can implement the “page tracking” you mentioned, etc.

After Webflow releases the ecommerce functionality, you can easily remove your 3rd party integration and implement an upgrade to Webflow ecommerce to manage your donation sections, etc.

Here’s a simple example of a donation focused political website, built on webflow, the donation section is using Anedot for the ecommerce functionality. Anedot is pretty popular for fundraising. My Web Design Agency built the website about 1 year ago.

If you need anymore help please feel free to send me a PM. Thanks!

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Thanks for that Scott, very useful. I’m considering using Webflow for a non-profit but the site would be quite substantial so need to be sure. The client will definitely want the ability to create accounts so people can login and access additional content. Donate and get access to more content for example. Hopefully thats not too far off.


@Scott_Van_Zandt Thank you for the mention.

@Brendon Foxy can definitely help with the donation/billing side of things (integrated seamlessly with your client’s Webflow website). Content access is something we’re actually working on right now. I’d love to chat with you more about your client’s needs. I’ll send you a private message.

For any other Webflow users looking to accept donations in Webflow, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ve helped dozens of users with this very thing.


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Unfortunately you can’t create accounts with webflow at the moment without a ‘hack’ type approach, and although it’s one of the things in the pipeline I wouldn’t necessarily be counting on it for your client, as its likely months away.

That isn’t to say that webflow isn’t great for your situation as I assume by you looking at webflow you value creating something custom, more engaging and overall better for your users than a standard template option.

If you have access to a developer or could contract one, there is no reason why you couldn’t design and build the entire site in web flow and export code for a dev to add your required functionality - this would be pretty affordable from my experience and you can choose your own platform / hosting.

Outside of accounts, you could certainly achieve what you need solo within webflow, and the community here is always eager to help.

GL with it mate!

Great thanks for the info. Yes I definitely want to create something custom thats tailored to the organisation, no templates. Is there a timeline for accounts? I could probably get away with telling the client accounts are coming in 6-8 months for example. I’m assuming when the functionality is delivered I would be able to just add it to the site without having to rebuild it?

One of the things I like about Webflow is the CMS. When up and running the client would be adding new content often so a nice modern CMS interface for the client would help a lot. If I export though don’t I lose the CMS?

I really need ecommerce, accounts and pagination to make it work. If that was all 6 months away then no problem. I’d rather use Webflow than hire a Wordpress dev who take so much of the budget but I have to deliver for the client so not sure.


Yeh, you will be able to add it into your current site, but I can’t suggest a time, and they havn’t outlined specific dates (software dev things). My guess is it would be beyond that though, just based on the timeline of features. Ecommerce is coming before that, and I am guessing they will explore accounts following that, as they would be used to mange purchases etc etc.

CMS export was mentioned on a recent stream with Vlad the CEO of webflow (youtube), but I can’t recall specifics. Currently the CMS data doesnt export with the code, however you can export data if you have that particular use case…

I can’t see all those features you need being released in the next 6-12 months tbh. Design & Export is probably your best option if you’re wanting to reduce the requirements of a developer, and design your own products, but yeah, you won’t be able to provide all of those features inside of webflow currently.

Yeah thats pretty much what I thought. Thanks for the help.

Any updates on how best to cater to a not-for-profit’s needs [ mostly donation ] using Webflow over the past 2 yrs since this discussion guys / gals?

I’m gonna go inquire now to see if there is any not-4-profit pricing for webflow? anyone know?