Not able to link a new page to the navbar or anywhere

I am not able to link my new created page to the navbar or anywhere else, since it’s not listed on [Link Settings > page]. I tried to understand the issue, but for me it seems as it would be a bug to be honest.

The link to the project: Webflow - Teams



I hope the screenshots helps.

I would be happy for to get a prompt answer in order to complete the project.
Thank you very much

Any updates on this? Would be happy to receive any help

You’re trying to link to a specific CMS item page?

Yes you can do that, but to do it you need to get the slug of the collection and the item, and then link to it as a URL, e.g. /post/5-principles-of-effective-web-design

URL is the first option under links, the one that looks like a link.