Not able to import CSV in Collections Blog as size is over 4 mb

Hi ,

I am using wp-all-export for exporting my blog from WordPress. I got the CSV and only issue is my CSV is around 5 MB . And Because of This , Under collections , i am unable to import the file as it says " 4MB is the Maximum Limit ".

Please help me , how i can resole this .
Thanks a lot

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Split it in half. Just create two files, 1/2 and 2/2, and copy the header row from the top so that the second file has it as well. Load both of them separately.

Splitting the file in half is good advice. It will work. Just make sure you are using an app that won’t mess up the format of the rows in the file. For example, Numbers for Mac is notorious at breaking CSV files.

If you are scared you might make a mistake and lose some of the data while editing the CSV files, you can use PowerImporter’s CSV import. It supports CSV files up to 10MB.

Thanks a lot for your Help . :grinning:

Thanks a lot for your Help . :grinning:

Thanks @saurabh , you can mark that answer as the solution if it worked for you.