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Not a fan of the top and bottom bars in new designer

Despite how small the top and bottom bars in the new designer layout, I am not a fan. I really liked having everything all on either the left or right, leaving a relatively clean space for my design from all sides. I do not like having to keep checking preview if I want to see how it looks with no interactions affecting the height of the page. I feel the top bar is a complete waste of space. There is so much space on the left bar and so much space on the top. You can easily fit everything from the top back over to the left. Not sure why you split up the left bar at all. It’s just taking up space in the web browser on the top now. Give the new “element selected” breadcrumb an option to hide it for those who don’t want it. Just some thoughts.

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Hi @Paul. Thanks for your feedback. We hear you loud and clear. We’re taking this new UI for a spin for several weeks to see how it might improve people’s workflows. After this trial run we will go with the option that is favored by most users. You’ll see a poll coming up on the forums to get everyone’s feedback.

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After re-reading, hopefully my message didn’t come off as too snappy! I just try to be as blunt as possible when giving feedback so there is no confusion. Appreciate the reply, thanks Sergie!

No offense taken! I appreciate the honest feedback.