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Nofollow links in rich text blocks

I am aware of the ability to set the rel=nofollow for links via the attribute section. However, we are making extensive use of the rich text blocks and I am looking for a solution to assign the nofollow attribute to those links.

When using the attribute setting in the context of the rich text blocks, it seems to get applied to the text block itself rather than the specific link (here is the page that I am referring to: care energy). Hence, is there a solution to solving this in order to assign the attribute directly to the link itself?

Any advice is very much appreciated!

Adding custom attributes for links inside of a rich text element is not yet on the platform. But I think you can still achieve this via custom code:

$('.w-richtext a').attr('rel','nofollow')

Thanks for the quick reply. I added it to the head tag in webflow, but it still doesn’t seem to work (as far as I can tell). As I am not a programmer, I have no idea what that is :wink:

Here is the updated care energy page.

I am following-up once again since I am still clueless how to get the no-follow to work for the rich text element. Any advice is very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

PS: here is the custom code we added to the care energy page that I am referring to.

@PixelGeek: Any advise on solving the above issue?

The code provided is using jQuery so it must be loaded after jQuery has been loaded. JQuery is loaded right before the body close area. Place your code there.