Nofollow links for CMS posts' rich text fields' URLs [for a blogging site]


I’ve run into an issue with links - I’m looking to set “no follow” links for my CMS items.

[I know there isn’t meant to be ’ within ‘a’ but it kept turning it blue so I’ve added ']

I know how to make them through <‘a’> custom attributes on static pages, but I cannot find a way to do it for CMS items?

I tried applying the nofollow attribute to <‘a’> within ‘all links’ class that’s nested within ‘rich text’ class but to no luck. It applied it only to the <‘a’> element I applied it to originally.

Does anyone have any ideas how to go about this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You need to use custom code to add that attribute to links.

Look at this post for guidance.

Thanks @webdev :slight_smile: really appreciate speedy response.

I’ve looked at it but my case falls in the second solution of that post that was never followed up on within the original post; I have a ton of outgoing URLs (it’s a referenced research blog) so I’d be adding literally between 500-1000 domain names within that array.

Is there any way to reverse it that it adds ‘no follow’ to all that is not my domain URLs? How easy would it then be to leave a place for some ‘follow’ links (mainly for guest blogging collabs where a follow link is required)…

Such a shame it’s not implemented directly within the system, kind of like WP way :frowning_face:

I’ve upvoted the issue on the ‘wishlist’ but it’s got only 40 votes since 2017… Doesn’t look like it’ll become a part of the system.

Might be worth dropping that URL here; please if anyone else fancies upvoting this issue to be resolved natively from CMS [Webflow wishlist]:

Yes. This would be controlled by the jQuery selector you used.

Should not be difficult. You could use the array method as previously linked to.

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I’ll give it a shot… Thanks :slight_smile: