Nofollow from within Rich Text in CMS

I am aware you can create a custom attribute and change the links to be nofollow from within the custom attribute section in the content editor. However as all of my Blog Posts are written with the CMS Rich Text I could not find any way to set outbound Links to be nofollow.

Please let me know if there is a way to set Outbound Links to be nofollow from within the Rich Text in the CMS.

You could use the nofollow meta tag, but that would apply to all links on the page. Even internal ones. So not usually a good choice unless it is a forum or similar.

I have seen suggestions that adding that attribute dynamically via JavaScript was a workaround. I have not done any recent testing to confirm it works since I have been still running under the assumption that It does not, based on an article I read a long time ago. I also typically handle this programmatically on custom CMS implementations (not Webflow) when I need it, so it is in the page source.

I was able to find the article. Here is a link to it.

Look for " 5. An Important Example with rel=”nofollow”"

You may wish to do some further research on this subject using this information as a jump off point.