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No responsive device height indicator?

While testing webflow, I miss the ability to view the height of a device, currently it only shows the width of the devices. Am I missing something or is this just not shown? Would love to see how much space I have vertically. Say I want to have a fixed row of buttons at the bottom of a phone display, how can I approach this?


On the playground they had before beta there was a device frame. I hope it will be available soon as a feature that can be hidden/shown.

We plan on letting you see what it will look like in the device once you hit Preview. Thanks for the suggestion!

If you want to have a fixed row of buttons at the bottom of a mobile device you can do this:

Select a container you want fixed to the bottom, give it a class, Make it position:fixed (as shown) and select the preset so it’s fixed at the bottom.


Make it only show up on Phones only.

Hope this helps!

Great suggestion, I already use fixed for my navbar, but didn’t realise it also binds to the viewport on the bottom. Looking forward to see webflow evolving, it’s a promising start!