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Hi all.

Would you please explain me if there is a chance how to copy pages or duplicate it if I have starter account plan? I bought a template from Webflow theme-forest but I didn’t know that it would be impossible to copy pages on starter account plan. Does it mean that If I want to change anything on the page I need to change original master template but what to do If I broke a page, how to restore it to original view?

Hope I clearly explained what I need.

Hi @Fefelov_Sergey You need to add a hosting subscription to your site to add more pages to your site.

If you only need one site, I would suggest staying with the Starter (free) plan. Then add-on a hosting subscription to it to unlock more features (like up to 80 static pages and up to 2,000 dynamic items).

Hosting is either $15/month for basic or $20/month for CMS.

Basic Hosting gives you the ability to point a custom domain to your Webflow site and have it securely stored on Amazon Web Servers and delivered over the Fastly Network.

CMS Hosting provides everything Basic Hosting does, plus a fully functional database for storing dynamic content and access to the Editor, which lets you update existing content and create new content right on your live website.

​(more info here: )

Hope this helps :slight_smile: