How to create more pages

How do I create more pages for my website? I’m told to get hosting, will hosting on unlock this, or does it have to be hosting on webflow? I can’t afford to have multiple hostings or pro plans for just one site.

If you just have one site, you can just pay for the static or CMS hosting plan, and you don’t even need to have a designer plan. It will unlock the 100 pages count.

Eh, I need more than what it gives. And gives me that. Are you telling me it’s my only option, to upgrade to that hosting but not use the hosting that webflow delivers just to unlock more pages?

@SlickThieves if your in your webflow builder click on the page icon below the plus sign. assuming you are using a dev plan you said you are hosting else where.

Hi @SlickThieves

Here’s some more clarity…hopefully :slightly_smiling_face:

As Vincent says, if you are keeping things inside Webflow, you can use the Free Designer plan and add hosting. ‘Basic’ will give you 100 static, ‘CMS’ will give you 100 static plus the Dynamic pages created for each CMS item.

However, with hosting only, you can’t export the code to use on your own host.

So, to design in Webflow and host elsewhere, you need a paid Account (not hosting) plan - such as Lite or Pro. The CMS data doesn’t export though, just the static pages (max 100).

Can you tell us more about your use case - will this be a design once and export once…or something you need to update regularly and keep exporting?

Also - if you need 100+ static pages, could those be better created dynamically using Webflow’s CMS - and keep things within Webflow? (so just CMS hosting as your cost - not using ‘one’)

If you’re using multilanguage they may not be created dinamically (using Webflow’s CMS). Some multilanguage sites hit that limit very fast.