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No Method to Delete Administrator or Invite New One

When logged in as an Administrator, there is no method to delete one of the other administrators (such as an individual who left the company). The delete/trash can icon within Settings > Editor is disabled and grayed-out for all administrators. I can only delete a Content Editor. There is also no method to convert a Content Editor into an Administrator, or to invite someone to become an Administrator.

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​Riley here from the Webflow support team. Thank you so much for reaching out!

While it isn’t possible to convert Content Editors to Admin, it is possible to remove team members from the team owner’s team dashboard account settings. There, you will be able to manage seats and remove accounts.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

My best,

How do I remove “All Team Members” as Admins from a specific project, via the Settings > Editor panel, so I can specify individual team members as Admins for that specific project? How do I remove individual team members as Admins from
specific projects? These functions do not seem possible via the team dashboard account settings.

There is a trash can icon on the Settings > Editor panel for accomplishing the above, however it looks like this feature was never finished by the Webflow team. In this era of digital security, this feature is a high priority for your users.

Hoping for a fix,

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