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No links in collection listing inside symbol

I have products arranged in product categories in webflow cms.

When i list all product categories in then nav bar and footer it works as expected unless im on a product page. Then the links break.

i also note that inside the navbar or footer symbol when on a product page it doesnt give me the option to get the url, only the name of the product category.

there is also this weird coupling between the link item in the footer/navbar and some seemingly random listing on the page. (see video)

Can’t get my head around this since it is working flawlessly on every other page but product templates.
And it “sort of” works on product template pages, the name of the categories are extracted correctly.

10 minutes later:

solved it :man_facepalming:t2:

i was using the wrong kind of link “url” when i should’ve been using “collection page”.

thank you rubber duck.

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