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No animations working and live preview not clickable

Hello :wave:

I had a nice mouseover pricing section on my site which I was using across 2 pages. However it has just stopped working and I can’t figure out why. I also can’t live preview to work for some reason?

The strange thing is that the animation is working in one of my other projects, but as soon as I copy and paste it into this project nothing works. I’ve tried literally everything I can think of including changing all the class names and deleting the animation completely from the new project and starting again in case it’s getting confused. Any ideas?!

Here is the link to where it is broken, and this is what it should be doing

Any help would be hugely appreciated :pray:


This is the link to a page where I’m pulling it t

Here is my public share link: LINK
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What browser are you using? I’m having the same problem. When using safari on iMac, the preview plays, but the animation itself doesn’t work properly (instead of easing-in, the animation is delayed). On chrome, the animations work when published, but like you, the preview ‘play’ button for animations isn’t working. Very strange.

Here is happening the same.

I managed to fix it. I updated my computer and safari, everything is fine now on my side.