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Next Level Page Transitions

I’m in love with the transitions between sections on this site: Specifically how the new page loads right on top of the page you’re viewing. Does anyone have any insight on how to create something similar?

Hello @gregmwashington,

The great @PixelGeek has you covered,
just follow the tutorial and incorporate your animation for page transitions. I hope this helps.

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Not quite.

The problem with the approach you sent me is that one animation happens after the other. In the example provided, the two animations “intro” & “outro” are happening simultaneously. Take a look at the screenshot below and you’ll see what I mean. The next page comes in right on top of the current page.

I see what you are saying now @gregmwashington, I think they are maybe using barba JS and a delay code. Maybe this other tutorial will help you, the credit goes to @mistercreate

I think it is done using GSAP - look at this Codepen